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We invite you to the Main Holiday of the International Film Festival "Let there be Goodness!"

Join the general celebration and recharge with the bright atmosphere of this incredible event


International Congress Center
“Ukrainian House”
in the heart of the capital at

Kyiv, Khreschatyk Street, 2


September 26

from 11.00 to 20.00

Ticket price

300 uah

In the holiday program

– award ceremony for the participants of the first dawn Film Festival of the planet
🏆 🏆 🏆
– viewing of winners ‘films and participants’ films for private viewing
🌏 🌏 🌏
– reader’s online meeting with the honorary member of the jury of the film festival Volodymyr Megre
☀️ ☀️ ☀️
– fair of products from ancestral estates
🎞 🎞 🎞
– round-robin game program and songs of solar bards
☀️ ☀️ ☀️
– happy lottery
🌏 🌏 🌏
– planting a memorial tree about the Film Festival
🏆 🏆 🏆
– friendly communication with participating filmmakers who came from different countries

And many different gifts

New "dawn cinema" festival

Let there be Goodness!

Aims to become a platform for the creation and promotion of films in the context of a happy, healthy, peaceful future for all.
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A platform for professional communication between filmmakers and creators of light images - artists, poets, composers, bards to create life-affirming dawn films

We contribute to the creation of films that are significant for all mankind, which carry images of a healthy, happy, peaceful future for all

We contribute to the restoration of peace on the planet and the improvement of the general environment through bright, strong film images

We create and popularize a new dawn cinema

Finding and supporting talent

Dawn jury


Vladimir Megre

Honorary member of the jury. Writer.

Author of the Ringing Cedars book series, Guzi Peace Prize 2011 laureate – Asian counterpart to the Nobel Peace Prize, founded in the Philippines in 2002, created to recognize individuals who Make Significant Contributions to Peace and Respect for Human Life and Dignity.

Vladimir Megre is included in the list of the 100 most influential spiritual leaders of our time.

V. Megre’s books are issued in millions of copies in different parts of the world and have been translated into more than 20 languages.

The words and ideas of Anastasia, the main heroine of the books, awaken the most subtle, light strings of the Soul among readers, inspire to good changes and general creation, to improve the environment.

The idea of ​​family homesteads, voiced in these books, is being actively implemented by tens of thousands of family homesteads that are being created all over the world.


Vladislav Mamchur

Theater and cinema actor

Born in the city of Khmelnytsky.
Since childhood he was engaged in ballroom dancing.

In 1999 Graduated from the Theater Institute named after I. Karpenko-Kary, course of Nikolai Nikolaevich Rushkovsky.

Since 1999 serves at the Kiev Theater in Pechersk, since 2010 a teacher of acting skills.

In 2021 he taught acting to children at the Borisfen Waldorf School.

Since 2021 acting teacher
in the studio of Lena Lazovich.

Has behind him 83 roles in films and innumerable roles in the theater.

What movies are we waiting for

Documentary, feature, animated, musical, short feature films, commercials, clips, which show ways of bright solutions to existing problems in society

Work on a good, happy future for everyone

Films that will inspire the viewer to become better, to create beauty around themselves, to create loving, strong families, to bring healthy happy children into the world, to restore the planet and the general peace on Earth

If you have such a work, we will be glad to accept it and acquaint our good viewers with your bright creation. We believe that bright movies can change the world for the better. We want to live in such a world ourselves and we invite you to become its co-creator!

Support the film festival


Our Film Festival is a non-profit event organized by a non-profit organization and volunteer enthusiasts. We do our best to turn it into an annual international event and to provide professional organization of the event for our participants and guests. We will be grateful and grateful for any support in this:

— share our event with colleagues and friends on social networks,

— become an informational or prize partner of the film festival

— join the sponsors of the event. Each philanthropist who donated over UAH 500 automatically receives free admission to the offline winners awarding event.

We will be very grateful for any financial assistance to the film festival. This will allow us to choose the best location for the award ceremony, worthy prizes and awards for the winners, the work of a highly qualified jury, rent the best equipment for high-quality sound and video images, and provide a decent reception and accommodation for honored guests and the jury of the film festival.

Film Festival Provision

The Film Festival aims to become a platform for creating and promoting films in the context of a happy, healthy and peaceful future for all. As well as showing bright ways and solutions to existing problems in society today. 

“Let there be Goodness!” – it’s a new “dawn cinema” festival.

The festival has a competitive and non-competitive program. Applications are accepted for the international and national sections of the documentary, fiction, animation, short and feature films. Out-of-competition program – amateur cinema.

The Film Festival organisers are NGO “Cedars of Ukraine” and residents of the ancestral homes of Ukraine.

2.1. To contribute to the creation of films that are significant for all of humanity, bearing images of a healthy, happy, peaceful future for all. As well as bright ways and solutions to existing problems in society.

2.2. To become a platform for professional communication between filmmakers and creators of light images – artists, poets, composers, bards to create life-affirming dawn films.

2.3. To contribute to restoring peace on the planet and improving the general habitat through vibrant, powerful film images.

2.4. The emergence and popularization of new dawn cinematography.

2.5. Identifying and supporting talent.

Open online screenings of films-participants on the YouTube channel of the Film Festival “Let there be Goodness!” September 1-25, 2021.

Award ceremony for the winners on September 26, 2021, in Kyiv, Ukraine.

4.1. The following categories of films are accepted for participation in the competition program, bearing images of a peaceful, healthy and happy future for everyone and bright solutions to existing problems in society:

  • short films
  • full-length movies
  • documentaries
  • feature films
  • animated films
  • national films
  • international films
  • music films and videos

4.2. Registration of participants in the competition is carried out on a FilmFreeway platform.

Acceptance of applications for participation in the film festival is carried out on the page of the film festival through the specialized platform FilmFreeway 

4.3. To submit a film, you must own the rights to it or have the appropriate permission from the copyright holder.

Early filing deadline: June 30, 2021

Ordinary filing deadline: July 30, 2021

Last call: August 19, 2021

Approved applications sent by the designated intermediate dates (deadline) will receive additional incentives from the festival organizers.

All films must be registered by August 19, 2021, through FilmFreeway.

Date of notification: September 5, 2021

The acceptance of works by international filmmakers will last until July 30, 2021, in the Ukrainian section – until August 19, 2021.

6.1. Codec (mostly) H.264, container – MP4, MPEG, MOV. The video resolution is mainly 1920 × 1080 (Full HD), 1080p. Sound frequency from 16 kHz and above.

6.2. There are no restrictions on the production date.

6.3. Each work must have captions: it is necessary to indicate the names and surnames of all participants in the project (including those involved), the author of the music and the date of production.

6.4. All entries that have passed the selection for participation in the film festival will be posted on the YouTube channel of the film festival with subtitles. 

7.1. Competition program:

  1. Animated film
  2. Promotional video (1-3 minutes)
  3. Documentary short film (2-15 minutes)
  4. Documentary (more than 15 minutes)
  5. Short fiction film (up to 30 minutes)
  6. Feature film (over 30 minutes)
  7. Music video
  8. Musical film
  9. Films from kins domains

7.2. Out-of-competition program – amateur cinema

  1. The qualified jury of the festival consists of recognized cultural and art workers. The list is being formed.

The main prize of our Film Festival is the audience’s approval and support for the film you like with your financial contribution.

At the open screenings, a popular financial vote for the best film characters will be organized. If a film gains more than $ 100, 80% of the collected funds, excluding bank fees, will be transferred to their creators for each film. When collecting less than $ 100 per film, the collected amount is transferred to the organizational fee of the Film Festival

The best films selected by a professional jury will receive gifts prepared by the partners of the Film Festival

All materials required for the Festival catalogue (annotations, composition and credits, biography and full filmography of the director, photographs of the director, actors and scenes from the film in b / w and colour, as well as a short commentary by the director) must be provided to the organizers of the festival as soon as possible, but no later than 5 days after the end of the last deadline for accepting applications.

Selected Festival participants must send promotional materials for distribution to the press (press collection, digital images of the film and director, videos, audio tracks, video clips, etc.) no later than 5 days after the deadline for accepting applications.

By sending a film (work) to the Film Festival, the author agrees to post his project for open online viewing and to voting on the YouTube channel of the Happy future scripts film festival “Let there be Goodness!”

The film festival has the right to use the materials submitted by the participants, as well as excerpts from films up to 10% of the total duration, for advertising purposes of the festival on the Internet.

After the end of the Film Festival, the works can be left on the YouTube channel of the Film Festival for public viewing or deleted, at the request of the author.

13.1. The participant represents and warrants that he/she is the owner of all rights to use the film necessary for the presentation and use of the film in the context of participation in the International Happy Future scripts film festival “Let there be Goodness!”

The organizers of the film festival reserve the right to request from the participant the appropriate evidence of these rights, and to reject the application if the necessary documents are not provided.

13.2. The Participant confirms that any third parties involved in the production and distribution of the film have consented to its use in the International Happy Future scripts film festival “Let there be Goodness!”

13.3. The participant guarantees that when using the film under this agreement, no rights of third parties, including those depicted in the film, are violated.

After the main off-line event, the International Happy Future scripts film festival “Let there be Goodness!”  plans to travel to the regions of Ukraine with screenings of the winning films in different locations. In particular, in cinemas, palaces of culture, universities, schools, youth clubs, libraries, etc. When submitting an Application for participation, Applicants are required to indicate whether they consent to such post-festival film travels of their work.

Submission of the application means that the participant agrees with all Rules of the International Happy Future scripts film festival “Let there be Goodness!”

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Our team

We believe in the idea and move towards our goal

Our partners

Patrons of the Film Festival

Dawn Film Festival “Let There be Goodness” completely folk, supported by financially kind people and like-minded people from different countries. We sincerely thank you, friends, for the material support that is now needed to organize and hold the Film Festival:

Social nursery “Cedars of Ukraine”

Dmitry Smal

Sergey Petrovich

Alena Puks

Kocherzhuk Ivan

Sergey Bokhonko

Natalia Khomonenko

Valery Glushkov

Ivanna Bilous

Anastasia Zhuravleva

Alina Lysenko

Elvira Ismagilova

Nikolay Morozov

Svetlana Medinskaya


April 26 - July 21, 2021

Our main goal is to restore peace on the planet, the beginning of an era of a peaceful and happy life for all peoples and each family


According to the results of researchers, about 15 thousand wars have occurred on Earth over the past 6000 years.

The world in this period of time existed for ONLY 292 years. These years did not go in a row, they are cumulative. After 1945, there were only 26 peaceful days on the planet and there are none at this hour.

Peace on Earth begins with peace in your Soul. The war is controlled by images, skillfully created, it is they who make people take weapons, kill each other and destroy all living things around them. Each belligerent has its own “truth”, but in fact its own leading image.

Not a single living community on the planet, except people, unleashes wars against each other, does not come up with similar weapons against itself and does not destroy the Earth itself. This is done only by a person. From whatever side of the belligerent, attacking or defending, he was. Causing harm to the living, bringing destruction by its actions, there will never be peace and quiet in the Soul, and therefore on the Earth itself.

“… The end of the occult millennium has passed. Now everyone needs to comprehend their destiny, their essence and where the mistake was made. Helping each other, THINKINGLY GO THE WHOLE WAY OF HISTORY IN THE REVERSE DIRECTION, DETERMINE THE ERROR, and then an era of happy life on Earth will come. Such, which has not yet been in the history of the planet. The Universe awaits her with a secret breath and great hope. ” V.Megre “Generic Book”

To this end, an International Competition for Videos on Restoring Peace to the Planet was announced.

The battle will be without a battle. The “weapons” of the new dawn time are strong light images. Let a lot of them appear and they can reach out to every Soul on the planet. May love forever settle in our hearts, love for the living world, the Creator, each other. May our Earth recover and flourish together with it. Let our planet begin counting only peaceful days as soon as possible and they will not be total, but permanent and eternal.

Acceptance of entries until June 14, 2021 at You can watch and vote for your favorite video on the YouTube channel of the  Happy Future Scripts Film Festival “Let there be Goodness!”

To be Good, Peace and Love!

Tanya Madison

Results of the International Competition for Videos on Restoring Peace to the Planet.

 The competition received 24 videos from three countries. 45 creative people, half of whom are children, most of the participants live in ancestral estates, expressed their vivid image of the return of common peace to Earth. Each work supplemented the other with its new vision, the solution to the universal global task of mankind to save the planet, the entire living world from destruction by military shells and dangerous weapons invented by mankind.

Together, these works carry a powerful wave of light, peace and goodness. It is not easy to watch them from the honorary members of the jury of the Competition, which were elderly people from the Nursing Home, tears of joy and gratitude for the good future shown by the authors of these works. It all starts with a thought, a dream, a vivid image. The more people support bright images, think about the peaceful life of the entire planet, wish peace to every piece of the Earth, the sooner this image will be universally embodied.: Sunny:


The winner was the animation work “Choose with your heart” from Ukraine, which had been specially prepared for the Competition for 2.5 months.

Screenwriter – Alina Lymar

Illustrator – Victoria Grabko

Animators – Irina Klopot, Alexey Kolomiets


In this video, children from all over the world write letters to all soldiers on the planet about preserving peace, about a common homeland for all, which needs our common protection from destruction and the speedy restoration of all natural resources.


All participants of the Competition received a sapling of the mighty Cedar as a gift for the eternal memory of their contribution to the common peaceful and healthy future of the planet. The winners were also awarded the main prize of UAH 5,000.

An advertisement with the results of the Competition and the video “Choose with your heart” was placed on a 7-day advertisement on Facebook, Instagram and VK. As a result, 258,000 people saw this vivid image, received many kind messages and enthusiastic comments. And most importantly, the wonderful imaginative peacemaking video “Choose with your heart” is currently being actively disseminated in different countries by directors participating in the Film Festival “To be kind!” Let the winning roller, our common dove of peace, fly around the entire globe, and let the era of Peace, Love and Goodness come everywhere!

All videos of the Competition about the restoration of peace on Earth can be viewed on the YouTube channel of the Film Festival 

Organizer of the Film Festival

NGO “Cedars of Ukraine”

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